Who am I?

My name is Daniel DENISE, for fifteen years I've been a " potato seller " on the Central Market Square in Nancy ( 54000-FRANCE )


At the same time I've followed what are called art classes at the school of " Fine Art " in Nancy. My fine diploma obtained in 1987 put in a safe and buried in a secret place... but at any moment I can show it in a resume, because it would look nice and smart.

In 1996, under the cover of my association " ALOO MATTA, I organised an exhibition " The eyes of the Earth " which made the link between my professional life and my artistic concerns. The latter has gathered 30 artists working on the theme of the potato.


In 1998, "ALOO MATTA " produced the first CD of Jean-Luc PARANT " Partir ", in coproduction with CCAM. Jean-Luc PARANT is the Man with balls and texts over his eyes.

Jean Luc PARANT, " Partir "

My work currently involves photographic " self-portraits " and installations.

"le trône du roi du monde" - 1998

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